Suspension Repairs & Maintenance
Your car’s suspension is an area that is far more important than many people realise. It doesn’t only affect how comfortable and smooth the ride is, although this is important, but it is also a vital aspect of your car’s safety. Without a properly maintained and functioning suspension you can suffer adverse effects of on your car’s handling, braking and acceleration, as well as unnecessary tire wear and other issues. Making sure suspension systems are properly maintained is therefore vital.

What are some key aspects of your car’s suspension?
Your car’s suspension system is made up of four basic components namely the struts, shock absorbers, springs and of course your tires. Shock absorbers and struts are vital for on road safety performing the function of keeping the tires evenly connected with the road, and maintaining a vertical load on the tyres. The shock absorbers on your car go through as many as one thousand movements per mile so it is not surprising that they wear out quite quickly and should be checked every 10,000 miles by a quality repairer such as Performance Auto Care in order to ensure safe and optimum operation. The springs support the weight of your car, and act as a flexible link that allows the body and frame to ride with minimal disturbance, while the tires and suspension follow the road.

Why get regular suspension checkups?
The simple answer is that suspension is vital to the safety and performance of your car. As the part of your car that puts tires in contact with the road, the suspension plays a critical role in how your car handles. Badly maintained suspension results in faster and more uneven tyre wear, which further compromises safety. Ride comfort is one very immediate benefit that accrues from a well maintained suspension, but it is only when you have to steer sharply or brake that the true importance is put into sharp relief. If you don’t have a well maintained suspension system you are not as safe as you should be and are putting yourself and others at risk.


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