Seasonal Services 
Be Safe & Make the Switch to Summer or Winter Driving!

Carson has two major seasons that can affect your car, Winter (Cold) and Summer (Hot)! Both present their driving challenges, and what’s also important for your vehicle: Both seasons require adjustments for safety and optimum performance during that time of year.

Summer Vehicle Seasonal Service

Bring your vehicle in and we’ll run a safety check, along with the following.

  • Engine coolant system checks – hoses, belts, thermostat, radiator

Winter Vehicle Seasonal Service

Winter brings its own set of challenges, from freezing temps to slick surfaces, road debris, and interior heating system problems. Bring your car or truck in for more than just a tire change. Bring it in for a seasonal safety check.

  • Electrical system checks, battery, cables and ignition
  • Engine coolant system checks – hoses, belts, thermostat, radiator
  • Interior heating systems checks and repairs

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