Why its important to change your cars oil

When changed regularly, oil helps a car run smoothly, last longer and get better gas mileage. Here at Performance Auto Care in Carson City we take care of our customers and with every oil change your car receives a 50 point safety check to make sure your car is safe for you to drive.

  Oil Change
  • A car's oil should be changed between every 3,000 and 10,000 miles. A car that is driven frequently will need an oil change sooner than a car that is not used very often.

  • One of the most important reasons oil needs to be changed is that, over time, oil breaks down due to use and exposure to heat. It becomes less effective at lubricating, which causes engine parts to rub against one another. Replacing an engine is much more expensive than changing the oil.

  • Oil that is not changed begins to retain debris; as oil becomes more saturated with things like water and dust, it can cause the interior of the engine to corrode.

  • A well-lubricated engine runs more efficiently and delivers better gas mileage.

  • A car that has its oil changed regularly will last much longer and retain a higher resale value than a car that is not treated as well.

Article by Bailey Shoemaker Richards, eHow Contributor


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