Brake Replace, Repairs, and Adjust 

At Performance Auto Care we take care of all of your car needs especially one of the most important part which is the braking system.

Importance of Regular Brake Inspection

Can you think of your car without brakes? Dont you think a car without brake is equal to a man without his/her limbs? Your car brake is the indispensable device that enables you to stop the car and be in control. With a poor brake it may be difficult for you to stop the car. Brake related defects pose serious problem to your car. Properly maintained brakes. A complete and thorough inspection of your brakes is very important as well maintained brakes will enhance your safety when you are driving on highways.

If you hear a metal scraping sound in your vehicle check your brakes thoroughly. The brakes of your car can have different types of common problems. It can have improper rotor surface, its caliper mounting bolts may loose down, the car can have excessive drag during acceleration, it may pull to one side or the cars spring may weaken. If your car needs servicing the brakes will show low pad indicators. Therefore whenever you have an irregular feel while driving have your brakes inspected.

Brakes become weak due to many reasons. Due to overuse the brakes are hardened and they lose their power to grab or stop the rotation of the brake drum or rotor. Again if your brakes are soaked up with oil or grease they tend to become weak. If you have worn or glazed brake pads you will get grinding noises from the brakes. Sometimes it may happen that your emergency brakes are frozen due to rust. If such things occur the brakes will not release when they are supposed to. As a result you will feel a drag during acceleration.

It is very important to inspect your cars brake system at least once a year. Your brake inspection should include a check on the brake lines and the dash warning lights. After completing the inspection go for a test drive to find out whether there are any other potential problems with your brakes. Check the brake pads from outside the front tire or through the openings of the wheel or rim. If you notice the pad depth less than inch, plan to change it immediately. You also need to change the brake pad if you hear a screeching sound on applying the brakes. If you observe any fluid leakage or uneven pad wear know that you have to change the disk brake calipers. It is advisable to send your car to the motor mechanic to have a thorough checkup on your cars lights such as brake light, headlight, turn signal, parking lights, back up lights and also its license plate lights.

While you are inspecting your brakes always go for dynamic brake testing system. The visual inspection of the brakes is not enough for your car. Brake imbalance can only be detected under dynamic brake testing. This is quicker method where you can have the right detection of your brakes. This system gives instant results and provides more information. In dynamic testing system you can have a check to the actual braking force and verify the proper brake balance.

Never underestimate the braking system of your car. A regular inspection of your car will lessen your hassles in mere future and you will be safe to drive your cars on highways. 

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